tirsdag den 20. oktober 2009

Nutz' lifevalues

To be finished-

- Wisdom, studies, learning, interpretations

- Philosophy, thoughts, analyzements and the understanding of people and the world

- Nature, animals, silence, simplicity, beauty, photography, freedom

- Relations and practise of it. Friends, Beer and the effect it grants, Freedom of mind (temporary insanity, wicked thoughts, odd behaviour, weird acting.) alternatism

- Dota-gaming, adrenalin, coordination, cooperation, extreme tension, interaction. Kick of seriousness, challenges, improvements, strategics

- Sport, cooperation, adrenalin, parkour, body-concience and feeling, strengtening

- Love, confirmation, belief, dedication, trust; truth, confidence and the struggle to gain it, the mystery, the forced selfcritics and empathy

- Music, the feeling put behind it and in it, the affection it can perform. Overrated and simple, yet magic.

- Movies, their extreme beauty and ability to convey messages which truly can be superior.

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