søndag den 29. august 2010

Morfinen, Narkosen og den kolde saftevand

Smerten, smerten, smerten, smerten, smerten, smerten, smerten, stikket, kulden, strømmende i armen, kollasionen, indvirkningen, lammelsen, lindringen, sløvheden, velværen, himmelskheden, trangen

angsten, pulsen på 104 bpm, ledningerne, sprøjten, skuddet, strømmen, kulden i blodåren,  bevidstheden, afmagten, eftergivenheden, summen i baghovedet, mørket

opvågningen, saftevandet med isterningerne, løftet af skælvende hænder, hævet til munden, slubrende, uænsende, fylder den sukkerrige saft min krop med energi, og klarer hovedet med ét.

søndag den 22. august 2010

unspecified chaos

"If my mental processes are determined wholly by the motions of atoms in my brain, I have no reason to suppose that my beliefs are true ... and hence I have no reason for supposing my brain to be composed of atoms." —J.B.S. Haldane Possible Worlds, page 209

So-called values.
dysfunctional values and fuckheads.
its fucked up.
Whats even right anymore.

noise ,
static abstractionism
Brains that creates unique conceptions of the world ..
Everything is abstract'

naturalism is bleeding
. A soul is a mere reflection
the human is
the silent black bird
the black bird stares
It stares

"In particular, nothing proves that an entity (e.g. a computer or robot) which would perfectly mimic human beings, and especially perfectly mimic expressions of feelings (like joy, fear, anger, ...), would not indeed experience them, thus having similar states of consciousness to what a real human would have."

Everything is TWISTED
insubjective stupidity
What isn't chaotic
what is order
who isn't fucked up?
im scared

All the pollution of minds
Unspottable psychopaths
confident conceptions
everything blends

The pleasure center was discovered in the 1950s by two brain researchers named James Olds, and Peter Milner who were investigating whether rats might be made uncomfortable by electrical stimulation of certain areas of their brain, particularly the limbic system.

In the experiment, an electrical current was given to rats if they entered a certain corner of a cage, with the theory that they would stay away from that corner if the effect was uncomfortable.

Instead, they came back quickly after the first stimulation and even more quickly after the second. In later experiments, they allowed the rats to press the stimulation lever themselves, to the effect that they would press it as much as seven-hundred times per hour. This region soon came to be known as the “pleasure center”.

Rats in Skinner boxes with metal electrodes implanted into their nucleus accumbens will repeatedly press a lever which activates this region, and will do so in preference over food and water, eventually dying from exhaustion....eventually dying from exhaustion.

black and white web
white and black
white and red
bipolar oppositions
everything turns grey
and unperceivable
The streets, the terms
the personalities
everything cognitive.
My mind is greyish
and thoughts are futile.


"If minds are wholly dependent on brains, and brains on biochemistry, and biochemistry (in the long run) on the meaningless flux of the atoms, I cannot understand how the thought of those minds should have any more significance than the sound of the wind in the trees." —C.S.Lewis, The Weight of Glory, page 139

torsdag den 19. august 2010

Wolf drawn

Yet another blogging after the time i ought to go to bed. i'd wish you had to go to school a few hours later each day. that would fit my dayrhytm

Anyways, today i had a strange music experience.
Ii thought of an artist, of whom i have some tracks on my lap, and suddenly a tune started playing in my head, which was very addictive. I could associate the tune to the artist i thought of - Emancipator - but not which song it was. The song sounded so soothing and nice in my head that i had to find it again, even though i didn't really know it. after 5 minutes of listening my 15 tracks of emancipator through, i still hadn't found it. Even though i had listened to different songs, the tune was still stuck on my mind.
i quickly looked him up on grooveshark, and found the song shortly after. the name as you might have guessed was  

Wolf Drawn

Enjoy! (preferably, hear it in 480p)



I've found a website with pictures i find very interesting. Lots of them are excellent and made with art and thoughts. It's no secret that alot of them probably are photoshopped, and som are setups as well. But here you go. All rights belong to, im just linking

(Shes a retired model who fell in talk with the photographer. on there's small descriptions of the pictures)
(This picture appeals to me, cause i can somehow identify with the guy. I have done alot of hiking which i enjoy, among other places in austria, and you can get some of the most beautiful views up in the mountains. This picture is taken on the way up to mount everest.)
An almost too ideal picture in my opinion, but if you take it as a precondition that the picture works with simplicity, and that the child isn't idealistic happy, i can actually like the picture. :)

mcnutz. wish you a good day

lørdag den 7. august 2010

People are like trees

Yo fellows! Latenight jazz, i've changed my circadian rhythm pretty much upside down. so it's early in the morning at the moment, and i'm enjoying some old music, which i'd almost forgotten. I'd like to share it with you.


Trentemøller - Take me into your skin

Sometimes it's really nice, and gives a completely other, more intense experience of the music, if you listen real closely,  instead of just letting it run in the background.
lean back
close your eyes
let the music seduce you


Du har en stamme.
en urokkelig selvtillid
Med hundredevis af meninger, holdninger og tankestrømme
spirende udad i alle retninger
hver gren avler mindre kviste, nye tanker og meninger
jo længere ud man kommer de tynde kviste
jo mere bøjer grenene sig i vinden, knækker måske endda
jo mere tilbøjelig er du i din omverden
til at blive påvirket

Is it the moments that creates the personalities?
Or the personalities that creates the moments?

edit: to karoline p: i just saw you asked the same question, but i guess better phrased:
"Do you ever wonder if we make the moments in our lives or if the moments in our life make us?"
I think it's worth thoughts :)

You have a core
a stable unchangeable self-confidence
With hundreds of opinions, emotions and feelings
growing, expanding in every direction
each branch breeds smaller twigs - new ideas and opinions
the farther out on the thin twigs
the more the branches will bend in the wind - they may even break
and the more likely you are in your surroundings
to be affected

mandag den 2. august 2010

People are like bears

Hey guys. I'm sorry for the rare blogging at the moment. i've been on summerholidays for five weeks now, and i've only been home for a couple of days all in all.
The title of this post is so due to a note i wrote this spring, a hot and nice day, i sat on a lawn downtown enjoying a beer with a mate. you could hear the insects buzzing, and the sky was blue.
opposite of many others.i can easily just sit around in town sometimes at winter as well i do at summer.  i've noticed the town seeming relatively 'abandoned' of human activity at winter. Anyways! At that hot spring-day it was quite clear how many people who suddenly had come out to enjoy the weather, either walking around the town enjoying the weather, or chilling at the lawn. and it hit me, with abit rough symbolic translation - we do just like bears in the winter, go home and stay in our warm comforting homes ,being inactive, sleeping more, being protected from the coldness, wetness, and darkness.

And at spring - there's suddenly double as many people on the streets, or something like that. :)

yesterday while cycling around enjoying the nature, i found a caterpillar crossing the road :)

 for the danish readers - her er nogle unavngivede tekster jeg skrev i går. håber i kan lide dem (:

og udfordringerne
sangen. stemningen, og stemmerne.
musikken opstigende fra byerne
og fuglene
fuglene, de frie flyvske fugle og så de flyvske tanker.
tankerne der spreder sig op over by og land, spinder sig sammen
rammer hinanden, påvirker hinanden
spirallerer, blandes, og kollapser
Søger ned i folks hoveder igen
danner billeder og landskaber
genialiteter og dumheder
drømme og fantasier
fortager sig derpå
 og forsvinder

En lille pige
liggende skjult i højt græs med øjnene på klem - blændet af solen.
mærker græsset mod sin krop.
smager på livet.
en  pause fra den så indtryksprægede hverdag.
næseborene vibrerer.
hun har bare tæer
ubevidst om verdenens grusomheder
nyder hun ubevidst sin frihed
ånder ud
hendes øjne er klare
græsset er vådt af dug
vådt og højt og kølende.
og insektfyldt.
en fugl ses højt på himlen, spejdende og vågende.
tryghed overvælder den lille sjæl som øjenlågene langsomt falder i
trætheden skyller indover himlen,
og formørker den

 by nutz (: