lørdag den 4. februar 2012

This Era

We Will Always Be by Brother Ali on Grooveshark

"Deep down in the basement the curls of smoke choke as they toke,
inhaling infidelity, rhymes and rhythms, metaphoric prehistoric jism.
An intake of underground sounds and leaves of a dope kind while the DJ twists to rewind,
 scra-scr-scra-scratch and ri-rip this shit,
MCs grab the mic kickin' freestyles rhyming one hundred miles a minute,
vocals eclipsing ridiculously dope beats and they are blind to the signs that the rhyme combined with the mind connects them to their feminine side,
The groove slips between their thighs and makes their hips wide like mine,
as Mother Hip Hop places her eternal child inside,
Something impossible to see through these jaded eyes,
as she slides into masculinity, masturbating with their climactic virginity,
Intrinsically, kinetically, genetically redefining their DNA,
So when the archaologists dig up the past they will say "These homosapiens are from the era of hip hop days,
And they will take the bones and play rhythms that were lost on records and cassettes,
Some will dance to remember and some will dance to forget,
Because even then, no one will truly see all the hows and whys of when and where we came to be,
And they will try to recapture the rapture and velocity that left with the flesh of the hip hop fiends,
They will find curvatures in the bones of MCs hands, learning their dominant, prominant stance,
Reminants of baggy pants will leave fibers of a culture that swims in eternity and they will take relics and try to sell it,
Promising that the vibe is still alive and that it will make them feel free,
Jazz, beats and blue sweets will make our primal sex rituals indescrete,
And the sounds of distorted, contorted scratches sampling styles will echo in the inner ear of a famous DJs great great great great grandchild,
And they will uncover villages of spirituality redeeming them from their new world's fallacys,
And they will gather the dust of incense sticks to see if it might fill them with peace,
And back here, right here, right now, we will always be, creating rhymes, and time, in our history."

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