tirsdag den 16. marts 2010

What is the human mind?

Placebo:A study was made in England in 1987 with patients visiting a clinic because they were suffering from a wide range of illnesses. The patients were randomly assigned to two groups. In the first group, the patients were given positive conditioning. They were confident in the diagnosis and positive in the prognosis. In the second group the doctor was unsure and pessimistic. The study showed that 64% of patients in the first group became better within two weeks, while only 39% of those in the second group were better for the same period.

The placebo effect begets hope while the nocebo effect begets hopelessness, fear and anxiety. A sense of negativity increases susceptibility to illness and reduces the healing ability of the body. Physicians have known this since ancient times. However, with the mind being relegated to non-existence, modern physicians tend to treat their patients as if they are robots.

How fucked up is our mind today?

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