tirsdag den 9. februar 2010

Creativity, im pining for you

- When creativity takes a shape
- When creativity becomes actual and real
- When creativity transform from some fictional glimpses of thoughts and ideas to flawless masterpieces

Creativity, im pining for you

I write. i make those late night writings
I feel teared on, what's taxing into my surplus?

I want to readobt the long forgotten enthusiasm ..

Where did it go? The lot o' prose as well as the visual expression?

Has the creativity abandoned me, or is this hell of a place just tremendously uninspiring?

I find the english talkin' pleasing.

Jeg kommenterer sgu mere andre folks blogge end jeg skriver indlæg for tiden... Der er i det mindste noget inspiration :)
keep up the good work, bloggers!

(uredigeret foto)

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