torsdag den 19. august 2010


I've found a website with pictures i find very interesting. Lots of them are excellent and made with art and thoughts. It's no secret that alot of them probably are photoshopped, and som are setups as well. But here you go. All rights belong to, im just linking

(Shes a retired model who fell in talk with the photographer. on there's small descriptions of the pictures)
(This picture appeals to me, cause i can somehow identify with the guy. I have done alot of hiking which i enjoy, among other places in austria, and you can get some of the most beautiful views up in the mountains. This picture is taken on the way up to mount everest.)
An almost too ideal picture in my opinion, but if you take it as a precondition that the picture works with simplicity, and that the child isn't idealistic happy, i can actually like the picture. :)

mcnutz. wish you a good day

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