torsdag den 19. august 2010

Wolf drawn

Yet another blogging after the time i ought to go to bed. i'd wish you had to go to school a few hours later each day. that would fit my dayrhytm

Anyways, today i had a strange music experience.
Ii thought of an artist, of whom i have some tracks on my lap, and suddenly a tune started playing in my head, which was very addictive. I could associate the tune to the artist i thought of - Emancipator - but not which song it was. The song sounded so soothing and nice in my head that i had to find it again, even though i didn't really know it. after 5 minutes of listening my 15 tracks of emancipator through, i still hadn't found it. Even though i had listened to different songs, the tune was still stuck on my mind.
i quickly looked him up on grooveshark, and found the song shortly after. the name as you might have guessed was  

Wolf Drawn

Enjoy! (preferably, hear it in 480p)


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